The Benefit Of Providence: Patience

Question:  What is the second benefit?


Patience, which this doctrine provides us in all adverse circumstances in life in general, but especially in the persecutions suffered for the truth of the gospel.

Question:  How do we receive patience from this doctrine in life in general?


In this way: what makes us impatient is that we concentrate on the created things that oppress us rather than on God, even though it is really He who does all these things, and He is our Father, not our enemy. For what are the spiritual trials with which He tests our faith and patience but instruments by which He operates in the present, so that according to His promise (Romans 8:28) all things — the greatest affliction as well as the least — work together for good.

That is why the believer who has come to know the doctrine of God’s providence should not think too much about the created things that plague him or get so caught up with that which causes him pain. The believer should rather lift up his mind to behold the fatherly hand of God that chastens us. Beholding His fatherly hand powerfully impresses upon our childlike hearts profound patience and meekness, of which Joseph (Genesis 45), Job (1), and David (2 Samuel 16) are beautiful examples.

Caspar Olevianus, A Firm Foundation, p. 31

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