How Did God Create The World?

1. God the Father, created the world through the Son and the Holy Spirit. Of the Son, it is said, “All things were made by Him.” (John 1:3) Of the Holy Spirit, it is said, “The Spirit of the Lord moved upon the face of the waters.” “The Spirit of the Lord has made me.” (Genesis 1:2; Job 33:4)

2. God created the world most freely, without any constraint. There was no necessity in the case, but such as resulted from the decree of His own will, which although it was eternal and immutable, was, nevertheless, most free. “For He spoke, and it was done.” “But our God is in the heavens, He has done whatever He pleased.” (Psalm 33:9; 115:3)

3. God made the world by his simple command, word and will, without any labor, fatigue, or change of Himself, which is the highest form of working.

4. God created all things out of nothing. It was not, therefore, from any essence of Deity, nor from any pre-existing matter co-equal with Himself, from which God created the heavens and the earth. For if all things were created by God, nothing is excepted but the Creator Himself . . . . That God created all things out of nothing, should contribute to our comfort; for if He has created all things out of nothing, He is also able to preserve us, and to restrain, yes, to bring to naught the counsels and devices of the wicked.

5. God created all things most wisely, and very good, that is, He made every thing perfect according to its kind and degree.

6. God created the world, not suddenly, nor in a moment of time, but in six days.

7. Lastly, God created the world, not eternally, but at a certain and definite time; and, therefore, at the beginning of time.

Zacharias Ursinus, Commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism, pp. 143, 144

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