Class 101 Is Published

This site is organized around categories and is developed on three levels. The entry level is called Class 101. It is based on the Heidelberg Catechism, which is a set of questions and answers (with Bible references) that was prepared for the instruction of children in the 1560’s. Our culture has changed to the extent that the Catechism questions and answers are better suited for advanced high school level today. The Class 101 offerings are published here.

Class 201 presents discussions of the Catechism from the perspective of Caspar Olevianus, a pastor / theologian who preached and taught at Heidelberg. Dr. Olevianus was one of the authors of the Catechism. Dr. Olevianus’ pastoral concerns are reflected in A Firm Foundation, his commentary on the Apostles Creed. Class 201 is currently published here at Faith Of Our Fathers, but will migrate to Interact soon.

Class 301 is the most challenging and presents commentary by Zacharias Ursinus, a theologian / pastor who taught Theology at Heidelberg. Dr. Ursinus was a co-author of the Catechism. Dr. Ursinus’ concerns are first theological and secondly pastoral, but his pastoral passion shines through his writing. His comments are drawn from his Commentary On The Heidelberg Catechism. Class 301 is currently under construction here at Faith Of Our Fathers but will migrate to Interact soon.

My prayer is that you will enjoy these article collections.

As always, your questions and comments are welcome.

Dave Holsclaw (prof1941)

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