What Hope Is (Calvin)

Faith, as we have seen, is an unwavering persuasion of the truth of God which can neither lie nor deceive, and can be neither hollow nor false. Those who have come to this state of certainty wait with similar confidence for God to fulfill His promises. For them, these promises cannot be anything other than truthful.

So it is that hope is nothing less than the firm expectation of the things that faith believes to be truthfully promised by God.

Faith believes God to be truthful: hope waits for Him to display His truthfulness at the appropriate time.

Faith believes that God is our Father: hope recons that He will always act as such towards us.

Faith believes that eternal life has already been given to us: hope waits for the day when it will be revealed.

Faith is the foundation on which hope is built: hope feeds faith and keeps it alive.

And just as no one can expect or hope for anything from God without first believing His promises, in the same way the weakness of our faith (which, weary, must not falter) must be supported and preserved by persevering hope and expectancy.

John Calvin, Truth For All Time, pp. 48, 49

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