What We Must Know About God (2)

We therefore have to come to the Word of God where, through His works, God is very well described to us. There His works are not evaluated according to the perversity of our judgement, but by the standard of eternal truth.

We learn there that our God, who is the only God, and who is eternal, is the spring and fountain of all life, righteousness, wisdom, strength, goodness and mercy. Everything which is good, with no exception whatever, comes from Him alone. And so it is that all praise should rightly return to Him.

And although all  these things appear clearly in each part of heaven and earth, it is ultimately in the Word of God that we always truly understand what is the main goal towards which they are heading, what their value is and in what sense we should understand them. Then we go deep down inside ourselves and consider how the Lord displays in us His life, wisdom and power, and how He exercises towards us His justice, kindness and goodness.

John Calvin, Truth For All Time, pp. 4, 5

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